Expected level of impact from this new model of working – on patients and staff.

Most of the current sites in Oxford are staff bases, i.e. they are places from where teams go out to visit and provide care to people in their homes or local community settings e.g. a clinic delivered from a GP practice.

Through creating the three new proposed hubs, it will be staff who are most affected as the majority will need to change their base to one of Murray House, East Oxford or Blackbird Leys.

Better access

The bases have been chosen specifically to support improved accessibility, something which we have been told repeatedly in our staff surveys that current bases do not always offer.

Staff will be supported to develop travel plans as part of their transition to their new hubs to reflect any increased travel distance and time they may experience.

Patient care

In terms of patients, those seen where they live currently will continue to be the case – the fact that the person who cares for them may be travelling from a different base should make no difference.

However, the location of some clinics will be changing – the hubs have been specifically chosen to support improved accessibility where some of our current clinic locations are poorly served by transport options.

We want to engage with patients and their families regarding changes to their clinic locations so they can identify what their new travel plans will be working through any particular identified issues.

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Page last reviewed: 16 May, 2024