Oxford Healthcare Improvement

Supporting Oxford Health to provide safe, better quality care to its patients and improve the working lives of its staff.

Training and education

We are currently undertaking a strategic review of Quality Improvement (QI) across the Trust. As part of this we are redefining our aim and vision for embedding QI, remodelling our team and developing our training strategy. Due to this our training programme has been paused and will be relaunched in 2021.

Whilst we do this, we will be offering QI Cafés as virtual drop in sessions to help support colleagues who have an improvement idea, are undertaking a QI project or who want to know more about QI. The cafés will be up and running and advertised soon so please look out for these via Trust communications and our web page.

Developing capacity

A large part of the work we do in Oxford Healthcare Improvement focuses on developing capacity across the organisation in Quality Improvement (QI). We aim to enable colleagues to think critically about the way they work and support them to make changes and realise measurable improvements in quality of care.

We deliver our own courses and also contribute to other courses across the Trust, including the Leadership Course and Flyer Programme. 

Perhaps most importantly, for every project we are involved in, we support colleagues who are involved so that they can continue to work together to make improvements after the project with OHI has ended.

Current courses

Update 11/03/2021: Training programme currently paused due to strategic review. Please contact our team if you have any training needs or queries at this time.

Frontline Improvement

The Improvement for Frontline Staff Course runs over 6 months, each course is based and delivered within a region of care (Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire).

The course is designed for staff from any profession at any level of education who want to set up a local improvement project.

Teaching consists of five days over six months with additional time scheduled in between to work on their chosen improvement project.

We are currently advertising for the Buckinghamshire course starting in March 2020 and Oxfordshire cohort will begin in Autumn 2020. 

“The Frontline Improvement Course has given me the chance to think outside of the box and has been a great way to involve teams in making changes.”  Student, Frontline Wiltshire Cohort 1 19/20

Leading Quality Improvement

This advanced course requires a commitment of four days a month overall over one year, consisting of two days teaching and two days project work.

The course offers personal supervision, a deeper study of improvement and leadership of a substantial quality improvement project (for Band 6 and above). 

They will learn skills in quality improvement methodology, improvement science, leadership, research, clinical systems and patient safety.

 “Being at the Oxford Healthcare Improvement Centre has been a steep learning curve. It has been good to work on my own Improvement project, and to learn about quality improvement on the way.” Student, LQI Cohort 1 18/19

NHS Elect Webinars and Seminars

As a member organisation for NHS Elect all staff within Oxford Health have access to a range of development opportunities within the platform.

This includes:

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Useful resources
  • Quality Improvement training  

This is a free resource and in order to access you must register on the NHS Elect website https://www.nhselect.nhs.uk/