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Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

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Oxford Healthcare Improvement

Supporting Oxford Health to provide safe, better quality care to its patients and improve the working lives of its staff.

Training and education

Developing capacity

A large part of the work we do in Oxford Healthcare Improvement focuses on developing capacity across the organisation in Quality Improvement (QI). We aim to enable frontline staff to think critically about the way they work and support them to make changes and realise measurable improvements in quality of care.

We deliver our own courses and also contribute to other courses across the Trust, including the Leadership Course and the Trainee Leadership Board. 

Perhaps most importantly, for every project we are involved in, we train each member of staff involved so that they can continue to work together to make improvements after the project with OHI has ended.

Upcoming courses

From September 2019 we have broadened out our training to include two courses in improvement:

  • Frontline Improvement. This is for frontline staff who want to set up a local improvement project. The course is for any profession (Band 3 and above) and is taught in 5 days over 6 months. The first course will take place in Wiltshire, with subsequent courses in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.
  • Leading Improvement. This advanced course requires a commitment of 4 days a month overall over one year, consisting of two days teaching and two days project work. The course offers personal supervision, a deeper study of improvement and leadership of a substantial project (for Band 6 and above).

We are currently welcoming staff from all locations to the Leading Improvement Programme, however. The first cohort of the Frontline Staff Programme is available for staff in Swindon, Wiltshire and BaNES. Following this, we will be offering this course to staff in both Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Please do consider applying for these courses.

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