Ukraine and wellbeing

Ukraine and wellbeing

The shocking conflict in the Ukraine is at the top of the news agenda at the moment with round the clock coverage across the media.

For some people it may feel to be something happening far away that has no impact on them, for others there is direct personal and psychological effects.

  • It is normal to feel worried about the war and evolving political situation.
  • It is normal to reflect upon and feel our own experiences of loss, trauma, and stress over the past two years.

This situation – like the pandemic – is one in which we are powerless to influence events directly.

So it is really important to focus on what you can control – this might mean taking a break and doing some gentle exercise, taking time to sit down and focus on enjoying a meal, or spending time away from the news doing something which helps you to unwind.

At the height of the pandemic we updated our website to include a range of short videos that were focused on how to help you look after yourself and your loved ones during a time of uncertainty.

These videos were designed to give you practical ideas on how to manage worries and look after your own wellbeing which we feel still have some relevance in this current climate.

Published: 7 March 2022