Digital consultations

What is a digital consultation?

A digital consultation is just like a face to face appointment. You have a set appointment time with your therapist but the meeting takes place via your screen rather than in the clinic.

Research shows that treatment online can be as effective as in person, with the added benefits of:

  • Quick access – with some options there are much shorter waiting times for therapy
  • Convenience – no need to travel to appointments. Get support from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere else you prefer.
  • Ease of use – Digital consultations are simple to access and interactive, with lots of support for those concerned about their computer skills
  • Confidential – we use a private secure platform so your  confidentiality is ensured
  • Covid secure Social distancing  is ensured limiting the spread of coronavirus
  • Overcoming barriers – Easier access for  some of those who have a disability or long-term health condition

Am I eligible for a digital consultation?

Most people will benefit from receiving treatment this way. However, do discuss this with us if you have any questions.

You will need to:

  • have access to a stable Wi-Fi connection and be in a quiet private space
  • have basic computer and internet skills and/or smartphone/tablet device.
What if I am outside of the UK?

If you are outside of the UK (holidaying, studying or working) at any time, we are unable to offer you care.

Our clinicians will routinely ask about your whereabouts as part of checking you are in a confidential and safe place to be able to proceed with the appointment, if not you will be offered the opportunity to rebook for when you are back in Oxfordshire.

How to make the best use of digital consultations

  • Expect some awkwardness at first. It is okay to name it so that you can find solutions to any challenges. Make some time with your clinician to sort out any technical difficulties.
  • Be flexible with the format of your treatment – we may use a combination of sharing screens, videos or audio clips as well as sending you information to read through.  Do let us know what is most helpful for you.
  • Because it may be more difficult for your clinician to pick up how you are feeling online, they may need to ask you about this
  • Do not be afraid to give your clinician feedback. A lot of us are making a shift to providing therapy online and we all are relatively new to it and learning together is part of the process.

Online programmes


SilverCloud is an online therapy programme proven to help with stress, anxiety, low-mood and depression.

Some examples of anxiety problems it can help with are, health anxiety, phobias, panic.

It is accessible and easy to use.

You work at your own pace with ongoing reviews from a member of our team.

How it works

Once you are registered with SilverCloud you will be allocated your own supporter from our team who will guide you through the programme.

Your supporter will review your progress approximately once every two weeks and leave messages for you with comments or suggestions on how to use the programme tools.

You do not need to be online for your review. You can leave comments and share content with your supporter who will pick these up on your review date.

The course can take between 6-12 weeks to complete and when you finish using the programme you will still have access to SilverCloud for a further 9 months to review the materials.

Get access

If you would like to access SilverCloud, simply click the link below and enter your details to start the programme straight away. A member of our team will contact you within 7 days to arrange your first online review.

If at any point you or your supporter feel a different treatment options would be more suitable for you then this can be explored together.

Click here to sign up to SilverCloud instant access or alternatively if you would like to speak to a clinician for a telephone assessment to discuss all of our treatment options click here to make an online referral.


Do you feel anxious in social situations? ict-SAD is a new internet-based Cognitive Therapy programme for adults experiencing social anxiety.

The programme will help you learn what keeps social anxiety going and how to overcome it, through the use of tried and tested practical exercises, as well as discussion with a therapist.

Just as in traditional therapy, you will have regular support from a therapist. However, this will be mainly via telephone, secure messaging, SMS, and video-calls. Your therapist will ensure that the programme is carefully tailored to deal with your anxiety in social situations.

What are the benefits of ict-SAD?

  • Includes all the elements of traditional face-to-face therapy but delivers them online
  • Greatly reduces the amount of time people have to travel for therapy
  • It can be accessed any time.

Page last reviewed: 30 March, 2023