Therapy patients urge others to ask for help

Five inspiring NHS Talking Therapies patients have shared their recovery journeys in a series of short films to encourage others to get early help for their mental health.

The films include interviews with psychological therapists on how therapy improves people’s lives and what can stop some from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds or older generations from asking for help.

Navdeep – “Mental health issues can be quite taboo in some cultures.”

Peter – “I took 40 years to get help for my phobias.”

Marriam – “I had this big fear of being judged.”

Diane – “Therapy has made me see life in a different way. I felt like I was alone in this world. But therapy really made the burden to be less and less heavy on me.”

Amedeo – “I had the usual impressions from the media, films, movies of someone lying down on a couch.”

Page last reviewed: 26 September, 2023