1:1 chat time

1 to 1 chat comic

What is 1:1 chat time?

Quality time.

It means taking the time to stop and chat, by using a person’s preferred means of communication.

1:1 chat time is informal and unstructured.

Forms of communication used in 1:1 chat could be: Body language | Eye contact | Gesture | Stance | Nearness

Some people will only use one of the above forms to communicate.

Remember that even behaviour you find challenging is a form of communication.

Where is 1:1 chat time used?

Good 1:1 chat times might be at bath time, bed time, or anytime during the day in an environment that suits an individual; for example, maybe in a quieter place.

It doesn’t have to be a blocked out time in the working day.

Why is 1:1 chat time useful?

It lets people know they are valued and that their thoughts and ideas are encouraged. By using a Total Communication approach they are able to communicate those ideas.

It is a good time for encouraging other forms of communication, and for getting to know someone.

Where can I learn more about 1:1 chat time?

Read our Total Communication Minimum Standards

Speak to your local Speech and Language Therapist for ways of prioritising 1:1 time.

Page last reviewed: 14 August, 2017