Meeting papers

25th May 2016

00_BOD-Agenda_May 2016_

59(i)_BOD Minutes 27 April 2016 v.1b

59(ii)_BOD_Summary of Actions_Apr 2016

60_61_BoD Annual Report, Quality Report and Auditors opinion May16 BoD

62(i)_BOD_CEO_Report_Public_May2016version 2 approved

62(ii)_BOD_ Appendix 1 CE Report Legal Regulatory Policy Update May 2016

62(iii)_BOD_2016 Queen’s speech – Briefing

63_BOD_Chief Operating Officers Report v2 May 2016

64_BOD_CQC Inspection Improvement Plans. Progress Report April 2016v2

65_BOD_Annual Patient Experience and Involvement Report 2015 16 updated for TB

66_BOD_Inpatient nurse staffing levels May 2016 (data April 2016) v1

67(i)_BOD_Board coversheet – Trust mortality review

67(ii)_BOD_TOR_Trust Mortality Review Groupv2


67(iv)_BOD_Mortality Review key work streams March 16v4

68_BOD_Finance Report FY17 M1 – Public -ver final

69(i)_BOD Report Coversheet for Performance report 25.05.16 V1

69(ii)_BOD_EB Board Performance Report Apr 2016 V2

70(i)_BOD_V.2_Workforce Performance ReportCoverSheet -May 2016 Final

70(ii)_BOD_Workforce Performance Report – May 2016 Final

71_BOD_FY17 Monitor Self Certs_1 2 May16 Board of Directors_v1

72_BOD_Strategic Partnerships Report Q4 2015-16

73_BOD_AC_Audit Committee minutes 04 February 2016 v 1b

74_BOD_AC_Audit Committee minutes 20 April 2016 v 1b62(i)_BOD_CEO_Report_Public_May2016version 2 approved

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