Meeting papers

26 April 2017

00_BOD-Agenda_April 2017_clean_revised

50 Finance Report FY17 M12 public v2

57_BOD_FIC_Minutes_14 March 2017 v.2

56_BOD_CC_Minutes_1st March 2017 v3

55(ii)_BOD_TVWFN NCM board certification 20170420

53(i)_BOD_Oxford Health 2017 BoD Report Coversheet v2

53(ii)_BOD_Business Plan Q4 Report Final (Narrative Milestones) v3

54(i)_BoD_BAF Report Coversheet_Apr 2017

54(ii)_BOD_BAF_18_Apr 2017_Public

55(i)_BOD_Oxford Health 2017 BoD Report Coversheet v 2 TVWFN NCM

52_BOD_Oxford Health 2017 BoD Learning Disability Assurance (v5)

51(ii)_BOD_Board Performance Report – April 2017

51(i)_BOD_Oxford Health 2017 BoD Report Coversheet – Directorate Performance Reports April 2017

49(ii)_BOD_Workforce Performance Report – Mar 2017 – Final

49(i)_BOD_Workforce Performance ReportCoverSheet – April 2017

44(ii)Towards a New Structure for Operations

45_BOD April 2017 QSCE report V1

46(i)_BOD_Trust Board Quality Account April 2017 covering sheet

46(ii)_BOD_OHFT Quality Report 2016.17 v2.0

48_BOD_Inpatient nurse staffing levelsjan 27 Feb to 26 March 2017

44(i)_BOD_COO Report to Board April 2017

43(ii)_BOD_ Appendix 1 CE Report Legal Regulatory Policy Update April 2…

43(i)_BOD Chief Executive’s Report April 2017

42(ii)_BOD_Summary of Actions from 29 Mar 2017

42(i)_BOD_Mins_29 Mar 2017 v.1c_REVISED AFTER MEETING

41(ii)_BOD_Register_Directors_Interests_April 2017 41(i)_BOD_Directors Interests Coversheet

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