Meeting papers

26 January 2022

The meeting starts at 9am on Wednesday, 26 January 2022

The Trust has taken the decision not to hold an in-person Board meeting in public due to COVID-19, in order to protect the health of Board members, Governors, staff, Trust members, the public, and all those who would normally attend a meeting in public; the meeting is instead being held remotely.

However, we are opening up the meeting to observers – please click this link to join the meeting shortly before 09:00 on Wednesday, 26 January (you may then be held in the meeting lobby until an organiser accepts you to the meeting).

00_BOD_Agenda_26 Jan 2022 v.3

Easy Read Agenda 26 January 2022

01(i)_BOD_30 Nov Minutes 2021 v.1a

01(ii)_BOD_Summary of Actions_30 November 2021

03_BOD_CEO Board Report 260122 v.1

04(i)_BOD_Board of Directors IPR and IPR Supporting Report Coversheet – January 2022 v2

04(ii)_BOD_Integrated Performance Report – January 2022 FINAL v3

05(i)_BOD_OHFT board_COVID vaccinations delivered

05(ii)_BOD_REVISED_VCOD report 25Jan2021v2

06_BOD_Finance Report FY22 M9 Public

07_BOD_Legal Regulatory Update_Jan 22 v1.1

08(i)_BOD_Modern Slavery Act_Coversheet_ Jan22


RR_App_01(i)_Directors Interests Coversheet Jan 2022

RR_App_01(ii)_Register_Directors_Interests_January 2022

RR_App_01(iii)_Blackline Register of Directors Interests_Jan 2022 against Nov 2021

RR_App_02(i)_2021_OxfordToronto_Work-in-Progress Report

RR_App_02(ii)_Executive Committee Summary_12.01.2022

RR_App_03_Board Report IPR supporting Jan 22 (Dec 21 data) FINAL

RR_App_04(i)_BOD_2022_RR_Legal Regulatory update Appendix_Jan22_

RR_App_04(ii)_BAF Summary Overview_Jan 2022

RR_App_05_BOD_AC_Audit Committee Minutes 15 Sept 2021 v.1a

RR_App_07(i)_FIC_Minutes_24 November 2021

RR_App_08(i)_BOD_MHAC_Draft MHA Ctte Minutes 12 November 2021

RR_App_08(ii)_BOD_MHAC _Annual Report 2020-2021

RR_App_09_BOD_QC_Minutes_09 September 2021_Draft_v1b_revised



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