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Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Papers for 26 July 2017

00_BOD-Agenda_July 2017

00_BOD-Agenda_July 2017

90(i)_BOD_Mins_28 June 2017 v.1c

90(ii)_BOD_Summary of Actions from 26 July 2017

91(i)_BOD_Chief Executive’s Report July 2017

91(ii)_BOD_ Appendix 1 CE Report Legal Regulatory Policy Update July 2017

92_BOD_COO Report to Board July 2017_REVISED AFTER MEETING

93(i)_BOD_Oxford Health 2017 BoD Report Coversheet – Directorate Performance Reports July 2017

93(ii)_BOD_Master Board Performance Report – M3 FINAL

94_BOD_Oxford Health 2017 BoD Report Coversheet v.2 FINAL July 2017

96_BOD_Inpatient nurse staffing levels Board Report 24th April to May 2017 12 06 17

97(i)_BOD_Workforce Performance ReportCoverSheet – July2017 – Amended 12 7 17

97(ii)_BOD_Workforce Performance Report – June 2017 – FINAL

98_BOD_Finance Report FY18 M3 – public

100(i)_BOD_Business Plan Q1 Coversheet v 2

100(ii)_BOD_Business Plan Q1 Report FINAL

101(i)_BOD_BAF Report Coversheet_July 2017

101(ii)_BOD_BAF_19 July 2017_PUBLIC

102(i)_BOD_Trustees Annual Report and Statutory Accounts Coversheet

102(ii)_BOD_Independent Examination of financial statements 2016-2017

102(iii)_BOD_Final Oxford Health Charitable Funds Annual Report 2016-2017 – (trustee to sign prestine copy provided by YB)

102(iv)_BOD_FINAL accounts 1617 v 4 (trustee to sign prestine copy provided by YB)

102(v)_BOD_30002a Final Draft OHCF Representations Letter

103_BOD_CC_Minutes_14th June 2017 v1

104(i)_BOD_Charity Committee Annual Report 2016-17 104(ii)_BOD_Charity Committee ToR_v.3_July 2017

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