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Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Papers for 31 January 2018

00_BOD-Agenda_Jan 2018_clean v.3

01(i)_BOD_Directors Interests Coversheet

01(ii)_BOD_Register_Directors_Interests_February 2018

02(i)_BOD_Minutes_29 Nov 2017 v.2_REVISED

02(ii)_BOD_Summary of Actions from 29 Nov 2017

03(i)_BOD_Chief Executive’s Report_Jan 2018_V1.0

03(ii)_BOD_ Legal Regulatory Policy Update January 2018 v1

04(i)_BOD_COO Report to Board January 2018

04(ii)_BOD_Preparing for the Upcoming CQC Inspection

05(i)_BOD_Performance Report Cover Sheet – January 2018

05(ii)_BOD_FINAL M9 Board Performance Report

06_BOD_Learning Disability Report

07_BOD_Learning from Deaths interim report Jan 2018

08(i)_BOD_PEI front sheet TB Jan 2018

08(ii)_BOD_PEI report jan 2018

09_BOD_Inpatient nurse staffing levels Board Report Final January 2018

10(i)_BOD_Workforce Performance ReportCoverSheet – Jan 2018 FINAL

10(ii)_BOD_Workforce Performance Report – January 2018

11_BOD_Finance Report (public) M9 FY18 – FINAL MM APPROVED

11_BOD_Finance Report (public) M9 FY18 DRAFT v1 (002)

12(i)_BOD_Oxford Health 2018 BoD Report Coversheet_BPFY18 Q3 Update

12(ii)_BOD_Business Plan Q3 Report Final

13(i)_BoD_BAF Report Coversheet_Jan 2018

13(ii)_BoD_BAF_23 Jan 2018_clean

14_BOD_Gifts&Hospitality Reg – September 2017 – January 2018 v1

5_BOD_Sealing January 2018 v1

16_BOD_FIC_Minutes_09 November 2017 v3

17_BOD_QC_Minutes_15 November 2017 v1

18_BOD_CC_Minutes_20 November 2017 v4

19_BOD_Audit Committee minutes 07 Dec 2017 v.1b

20(i)_BOD_Audit ToR Coversheet

20(ii)_BOD_Audit Committee ToR_Jan 2018

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Important notice

Visiting restrictions at Oxford Health inpatient wards

There is currently no visiting to any of our community hospitals and mental health inpatient wards.

This is a prescribed app. It should only be used alongside a face to face intervention provided by a mental health worker. Check with your local service to see if they subscribe to the app.