Meeting papers

4 December 2019

00_BOD_Agenda_Dec 2019_clean_v3

103(i)_BOD_Board Mins_25 Sept 19 v.1b_AMENDED AFTER MEETING

103(ii)_BOD_Board Summary of Actions_Sept 2019

104_BOD_Chief Executive’s Report_Dec2019_v1.3

105_BOD_Legal Regulatory update_Nov19 v.1.1

106(i)_BOD_Board Report Cover Sheet – M7 2019 v4 FINAL

106(ii)_BOD_Month 7 Board Report – FINAL V3

107(i)_BOD_Workforce Performance Report cover sheet

107(ii)_BOD_Workforce Performance Report – November

108(i)_BOD_Flu vaccination update report

108(ii)_BOD_Appendix 1 flu vacciantion self assessment Dec 2019

109_BOD_Inpatients-Safer-Staffing-Board-Report-December 2019

110(i)_BOD_GoSWH report Dec 2019


111_BOD_Oxford Health Dec 2019 BoD effectiveness V1

112_BOD_Finance Report FY20 M7 FINAL

113_BOD_Freedom to speak Up Board Report 2019 26.11.19

114(i)_BOD_Modern Slavery Act_Coversheet_ 2019


114(iii)_BOD_Black lined, track Changes_MODERN SLAVERY ACT TRANSPARENCY STATEMENT_2019


116(i)_BOD_BAF report Dec 19 v.2

116(ii)_BOD_BAF report Dec 19 v.2

117_BOD_AC_Audit Committee minutes_10 Sept 2019_v.2c AMENDED AFTER MEETING

118_BOD_QC_Minutes 11 Sept 2019 v.1b

119_BOD_FIC_Minutes_17 Sept 19_v.1b

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