Meeting papers

9 June 2021

Wednesday, 9 June 2021 from 9am.

The Trust has taken the decision not to hold an in-person Board meeting in public due to COVID-19, in order to protect the health of Board members, Governors, staff, Trust members, the public, and all those who would normally attend a meeting in public; the meeting is instead being held remotely.

However, we are opening up the meeting to observers – please click this link:  Click here to join the meeting  shortly before 09:00 on Wednesday, 9 June 2021 (you may then be held in the meeting lobby until an organiser accepts you to the meeting).

Following the meeting, the Trust Chair, David Walker, has also provided a public briefing on the meeting which can be viewed here.

00_BOD_Agenda_09 June 2021 v.2

00_BOD_Agenda 09 June 2021 – Easy read

29_BOD_Patient story Board Cover Sheet June 2021

30(i)_BOD_14 April Minutes 2021 v.2_AMENDED AFTER MEETING

30(ii)_BOD_Summary of Actions_14 April 21 v.1a

30(iii)_BOD_Appendix to Summary of Actions_R&D Terminology

31_BOD_Trust Chair’s report

32_BOD_CEO Board Report JUNE2021

35_BOD_Oxford Health 2021 BoD Report Annual Quality Account cover sheet

36_BOD_OHFT Digital Strategy – 9 JUNE COVER NOTE

37_BOD_Integrated Performance Report 9 June 2021

38(i)_BOD_Oxford Health 2021 Report QualitySafety Dashboard cover sheet

38(ii)_BOD_Trust Board Safety Quality Dashboard June 2021 v2

39_BOD_Oxford Health 2021 BoD Report Annual Complaints Report

40_BOD_Oxford Health 2021 BoD Report Coversheet v.2 180521

41_BOD_Oxford Health 2021 BoD Report Coversheet v.2

42_BOD_Oxford Health 2021 BoD CMO Report

43_BOD_Legal Regulatory update_Jun21

RR_App 27(ii)_2021 Finance Report FY22 M1

RR_App_21(i)_BOD_Directors Interests Coversheet June 2021_v.2

RR_App_21(ii)_BOD_Register_Directors_Interests_April_June 2021_v2

RR_App_21(iii)_BOD_Register_Blackline register_June 21 against March 21

RR_App_22(i)_BOD_Appendix 1 Programme Suicide Prevention Webinars 2021

RR_App_22(iii)_BOD_Appendix 3 Oxford AHSN update

RR_App_25_BOD_OHFT Quality Account 2020-2021 DRAFT v8

RR_App_26(i)_BOD_OHFT Digital Strategy Summary for presentation – JUNE BOARD

RR_App_26(ii)_BOD_OHFT Digital Strategy – Full text version 9 JUNE 2021 BOARD

RR_App_27(i)(a)_BOD_Integrated Performance Report – 9 June 2021 FINAL v2

RR_App_27(i)(b)_BOD_Performance Report for Board – 9 June 2021 FINAL

RR_App_28_BOD_Oxford Health 2021 Report Annual Complaints Report

RR_App_29_BOD_OH DIPC annual report 2020-21

RR_App_30_BOD_Paper to Board re NHS Improvement review UPDATED FINAL

RR_App_31_BOD_Medical Appraisal and Revalidation Board Report. June 2021

RR_App_32_BOD_Legal Regulatory update Appendix_Jun21_

RR_App_32_BOD_Legal Regulatory update Appendix_Jun21_

RR_App_33_BOD_AC_Audit Committee Minutes_24 Feb 21 v.2a

RR_App_34_BOD_AC_Audit Committee Minutes 21 April 21 v.1b

RR_App_35_BOD_OH Charity November meeting minutes for June 2021

RR_App_36_BOD_FIC_Minutes_23 March 2021

RR_App_37_BOD_FIC _Annual Report 2020 -2021

RR_App_38_BOD_PLC Committee Minutes 18 Feb. dv2

RR_App_39_BOD_QC_Minutes_11 February 2021








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