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10 September 2020

The Trust will hold a virtual Council of Governors’ meeting in public on this day which will be accessible remotely, by all those who would normally be able to attend a meeting in public, using this link Join Microsoft Teams Meeting. You can access the meeting via your web browser and you need not download any further application unless you wish to.

The meeting will start at 18:00 on 10th September 2020.


  • mute your microphone and turn off your camera.  Due to the number of participants, we need to avoid issues with microphone feedback, interference or transmission delays.  Meeting moderators or the Chair may also mute or remove participants if there are issues; and
  • use the Chat function to suggest questions.  Questions should relate to agenda items (see agenda below) or discussion taking place.  Questions may be answered during or towards the end of the meeting but we cannot guarantee to answer all questions, especially if time does not permit.

Easy Read Agenda 10 September 2020

00_CoG_Agenda Public 10 September 2020_v1.6

04_CoG_Governor Interests Register_September 2020

05(i)_CoG_External Audit Findings Report Coversheet

05(ii)_OHFT Audit Findings Report 2019-20

06_CoG_Minutes 11 June public v.2

07_Chief Executive’s Report_Sept 2020_Final

08(i)_CoG_Out of Hours Services Progress Report Coversheet 091020

08(ii)_CoG_Out of Hours Services Progress Report 082820

Engagement Policy v2

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