Meeting papers

25 September 2019

Public Board agenda

84(i)_BOD_Directors Interests Coversheet

84(ii)_BOD_Register_Directors_Interests_Sept 2019

85(i)_BOD_Board Mins_24 July 19 v.1a

85(ii)_BOD_Board Summary of Actions_July 2019

86(i)_BOD_Chief Executive’s Report_Sept2019_v1.1..docx

86(ii)_BOD_Chairman letter to HOSC September 19

87_BOD_Legal Regulatory update_Sept19 v.3

88(i)_BOD_Board Report Cover Sheet – M5 2019 Final MW

88(ii)_BOD_Board Report Month 5 – Final v1

89(i)_BOD_HR Performance Report Commentary – Final

89(ii)_BOD_Workforce Performance Report – September

90_BOD_Inpatients-Safer-Staffing-Board-Report-September 2019.

91_BOD_Oxford Health 2019 BoD Community Hospital Ward re-openingsbamends

92_BOD_Patient Safety Report Sept 2019v293_BOD_Safeguarding service annual Board report 2018-19 FINAL version 060919

93_BOD_Safeguarding service annual Board report 2018-19 FINAL version 060919

94_BOD_Finance Report FY20 M5 (public)

95_BOD_Operational Plan 2019-20 Q1 & Q2 progress report

96_BOD_FINAL – RD Board Report Sept 2019 sent to Mark Hancock

97_BOD_Sealing Sep 2019 v.2

98_BOD_Gifts Hospitality Reg_Sept19

99_AC_Audit Committee minutes 21 May 2019 v.1a

100_BOD_CC 2019 Charity Committee Minutes 130619 (final 180919)

101_BOD_FIC_Minutes_09 July 19_v.1b

102_BOD_QC_Minutes 10 July 2019 v.2


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