Meeting papers

29 September 2021

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 from 9:00am

The Trust has taken the decision not to hold an in-person Board meeting in public due to COVID-19, in order to protect the health of Board members, Governors, staff, Trust members, the public, and all those who would normally attend a meeting in public; the meeting is instead being held remotely.

However, we are opening up the meeting to observers – please click this link here to join the meeting shortly before 09:00 on Wednesday, 29 September 2021 (you may then be held in the meeting lobby until an organiser accepts you to the meeting).

Following the meeting, the Trust Chair, David Walker, has also provided a public briefing on the meeting which can be viewed here.

00_BOD_Agenda_29 Sept 2021 v.2e

Easy Read_Board meeting agenda 29092021 v.2

57_BOD_Patient story Board Cover Sheet Sep 2021 V3

58(i)_BOD_28 July Minutes 2021 v.1a

58(ii)_BOD_Summary of Actions_28 July 21

59_ BOD_Trust Chair Report

60_BOD_CEO Board Report 290921

61_BoD_TRR BAF report_Sept 2021_v.4

62_BOD_Board Report on Research and Development. Sept 2021

63(i)_BOD_IPR Coversheet September 2021

63(ii)_BOD_Integrated Performance Report – Sept Board – Final pdf (2)

64(i)_BOD_Oxford Health 2021 Coversheet v.3- MH Transformation. LTP Summary

64(ii)_BOD_Mental Health LTP Summary. September 2022. Final

65(i)_BOD_IPC BAF Cover sheet

65(ii)_BOD_BAF v4 updated (24.09.2021)

66(i)_BoD Report Coversheet- Safeguarding annual report

66(ii)_BOD_Safeguarding service Annual Board report 20-21 – final_JH amended

67(i)_BOD_Oxford Health 2021 BoD Report – EDI Coversheet for WRES & WDES REPORT

67(ii)_BOD_OH – Combined Equality Standards Report 2020 – EDI – MP

68(i)_BOD_Cover sheet Health and Safety update Board 2021-09-21

68(ii)_BOD_H&S Board update 2021-09-29

68(iii)_BOD_H&S Improvement Plan Board update 2021-09-29

69_BOD_Finance Report FY22 M5 Public

70(i)_BOD_Legal Regulatory update_Sep21

RR_App_49(i)_Directors Interests Coversheet Sept 2021

RR_App_49(ii)_Register_Directors_Interests_August 2021 v.2

RR_App_49(iii)_Register_Blackline register_Aug 21 against July 21

RR_App_50(i)_Oxford Academic Health Partners_210916_OH update


RR_App_51(i)_BOD_Appendix 1 to BAF and TRR report_Full BAF_Sept 2021

RR_App_52(i)_BOD_IPR supporting Sept 21 (Aug data) Final pdf

RR_App_53(i)_BOD_ OHFT MH LTP Summary FY22 – 27.07.2021

RR_App_53(ii)_BOD_BOB Performance Report – July 2021 – Final

RR_App_53(iii)_BOD_BSW LTP CAMHS September 2021


RR_App_54_AC_Audit Committee Minutes 17 May 21_v.2

RR_App_55_AC_Audit Committee Minutes 02 June 21_v.2a_AMENDED AFTER MEETING

RR_App_57_FIC_Minutes_13 July 2021 dv – v2a

RR_App_58_PLC Committee Minutes 20 July 2021 draft

RR_App_59_QC_Minutes_08 July 2021_v1c

RR_App_60_BOD_2021_RR_Legal Regulatory update Appendix_Sep21_

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