Good advice

Get the right help

For urgent medical help call 999 or attend the nearest Emergency Department.

Find out what to do in different situations
Help needed Appropriate response
Minor cuts and grazes

Bruises and minor sprains

Coughs and colds

Self care

Stock your medicine cabinet

Minor illnesses


Stomach upsets

Bites and stings

Visit your pharmacy
Feeling unwell?



Need help?

Phone NHS 111
Persistent symptoms

Chronic pain

Long term conditions

Obtain advice from your GP (doctor)

Out of hours, call NHS 111


Chest pain

Blacking out

Serious blood loss

Emergencies only:

Visit A&E

Call 999

Register with a doctor and dentist

Ensure you are registered with a doctor and dentist so you can access their services for regular support or in case of illness. Dentists may have waiting lists, if you are a Child We Care For, ensure you let the receptionist know as you will be given priority access to appointments.

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Page last reviewed: 3 June, 2024