Child Exploitation

The Phoenix Team are a small team of trained nurses with specialist skills in supporting young people to reduce their risk of exploitation.  We work closely with the Emerald Team as part of a multi-agency service made up of:

  • Youth justice
  • Social workers
  • Police
  • Health
  • Probation
  • Education

We have a specialist Named Nurse for Exploitation and work to support young people to build on their strengths, interests and skills.

What we do

We offer a health review to identify any issues young people may have with their health and well-being. Occasionally the health review may be completed by a School or College nurse if a young person is attending a mainstream school, as they will be well placed to provide ongoing support as needed.

We aim to reduce the risks around exploitation and harm to children’s health outside of their family home with a focus on health promotion and healthy lifestyles. The review may lead to further one-to-one work, or if more appropriate, an onward referral to a specialist service.  We also provide professional support and health advice to staff, parents, and carers.

We work holistically in partnership with social workers, youth justice officers, education settings and families, to assess, plan and support individuals with their health needs. Health professionals working within the NHS ensure your personal information is held securely, remains confidential or is shared with your consent. Further details of when and how we share information is available in our privacy statement.

Health reviews

The health review is an assessment of your social, emotional and physical health.  It is discussion led and does not include any physical examination.

Your health review can be completed as a face to face meeting at our base in Oxford, a local health centre or even a coffee shop. If it is more convenient, we can visit you at home or arrange a video or telephone call.

Further information is available about the work of Oxfordshire County Councils Youth Justice and Exploitation Service

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Page last reviewed: 30 January, 2023