Training as a podiatrist

t is a legal requirement that all podiatrists working in the NHS or privately are registered. This entitlement is conferred after completing a three year full time Bachelor of Science Honours degree at a recognised school of podiatry, after which time podiatrists are designated as registered podiatrists/chiropodists.

The government introduced this way of standardising and regulating qualifications through the health and care professions council (HCPC). Please note that some Institutions offer courses to train as Foot Health Practitioners (or similar titles) – these courses do not train people to be podiatrists and it is illegal to claim to be a podiatrist/chiropodist without being registered.

Entry to a recognised podiatry school usually requires three science ‘A’ levels, but prior experience and other training/qualifications will be considered and it is best to discuss entry requirements with the school of your choice. The nearest schools to Oxford are in Southampton and Northampton.
There is growing recognition that students are seeking greater flexibility in studying methods and some schools are developing a modular course alongside the traditional taught degree route. For a list of podiatry schools and information on how to apply, please see the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service or

Page last reviewed: 9 October, 2023