Your appointment

Before your appointment we will ask you to complete questionnaires to help us understand your symptoms and the impact these are having on your daily life. We may ask you to repeat these from time to time so we can reassess your symptoms.

Who will my appointment be with?

All referrals to our service are carefully read and considered by senior clinicians within our team. They decide upon the most appropriately skilled person within our team to assess you.

Our service is jointly run by experienced clinicians from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (hospital trust) and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (community trust) which means we have a wide range of clinicians able to help you.

We work closely as a team and have regular meetings to discuss the care of patients within the service. This helps us to be sure we are offering you the best possible treatment and support.

Where will my appointment be?

Depending upon which clinician your appointment is with, you might be invited to a phone consultation, an online virtual consultation, or a face-to-face consultation at the Churchill Hospital.

How long will my appointment be?

Typically appointments last 40 minutes, we will focus on the symptoms that are impacting you and allow you to be able to ask any questions that you may have. The assessments do involve asking you many questions, it may be helpful to write down any concerns or queries you have prior to your appointment.

What will happen after my appointment?

After your appointment, we will write a summary of the problems that you have been experiencing, what our initial assessment has found, and a plan for what do to next. Every person is different and the plan going forward will be discussed with you. The plan may include additional assessments or tests, a recommendation for specific treatment, practical strategies or activity and symptom management strategies. Depending on your symptoms we may arrange onward care at one or more of the following:

  • Continued support from the community post-COVID team
  • Attendance at symptom management workshops
  • Additional investigations or referral to another specialist clinic
  • Further review after a time interval at the Long-COVID clinic
  • Ongoing support from your GP

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Page last reviewed: 24 October, 2022