About the trust

About the trust

We provide a wide range of community-focused health and social services to people across five localities: Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Bath and north east Somerset (BaNES). We offer mental health services across all our localities, as well as community services and learning disability services in Oxfordshire, specialised eating disorder services for adults in Wiltshire and forensic mental health services with Thames Valley.

We provide many NHS healthcare services, whether in our community hospitals or within local communities. We help to support people in their homes and as near to home as possible. We pride ourselves on our values, which are to be caring, safe and excellent. We work to constantly improve the quality of the care we provide.

We are a foundation trust (FT)

Being an FT means that we have members and a Council of Governors representing them. We want our membership to be representative of the wide range of people we care, who work for us and who live in the communities we serve.

We want to give them a voice as well as an opportunity to learn more about what we do and get involved. To find out more about becoming a member, please visit our website www.oxfordhealth.nhs.uk or email ft.membershipcommunity@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk.

Who do we provide our services for?

People using our services have a range of health problems. These include conditions such as:

  • anxiety and phobias
  • broken bones or injuries from falls
  • communication problems
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • enduring mental illness
  • impairments
  • eating disorders
  • HIV
  • memory problems/dementia
  • personality disorder
  • postnatal mental illness

How are our services structured?

Our age-inclusive services are grouped into four directorates:

  • Oxfordshire & West Mental Health (Oxfordshire, Swindon, Wiltshire & BaNES)
  • Buckinghamshire Mental Health
  • Community Health
  • Specialised Services

High standards are maintained through combining medical and clinical management of age-specific services. You can find out more about our services on our website.



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General guidance: Contact us

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Trust Headquarters,
Littlemore Mental Health Centre, Sandford Road, Littlemore, Oxford OX4 4XN

  • Switchboard: 01865 901 000
  • Email: enquiries@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk
  • Website: www.oxfordhealth.nhs.uk

Become a member of our Foundation Trust: www.ohftnhs.uk/membership

Page last reviewed: 13 May, 2020

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