About us

Who we are

The ReConnect service is a small county-wide team working in Buckinghamshire.

  • Our clinicians are trained to work with parents.
  • The parents’ children are on a protection plan in Buckinghamshire.
  • The children are between 0 and 2.

What we do

We provide long-term psychological therapy for a parent. They can do individual therapy or group therapy. They can also have therapy with their child or baby if needed.

  • We will work with parents to explore current local authorities’ concerns.
  • We will look at patterns in behaviour and relationships.
  • We will also look at past events that may make things feel “stuck.”

We will safely explore these and make a plan together for how to work through them.

Your needs

  • You may be a parent who has experienced abuse or neglect in your own childhood.
  • You may have been a looked after or adopted child.
  • You may have had mental health issues.
  • You may have misused substances or been a victim of domestic abuse.

Some parents may have also had older children removed from their care, and are pregnant again or caring for their baby. These may need help and support to break inter-generational patterns or cycles.

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Page last reviewed: 24 January, 2024