Mental health research delivery team

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust has taken an innovative step of creating a dedicated mental health research delivery team – made up of 11 research assistants who are now embedded within clinical teams across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and work together with the clinicians in their team to ensure research opportunities for participation in research are known to both staff and service users.

The research assistants support a broad portfolio of research studies at any one time, at varying levels of intensity. The researchers are also supported to manage their own small caseload of clients, delivering low-intensity clinical work.

Tahnee Marquardt

Team Leader

Anna Heinen

Senior Research Assistant

Maria Amerikanou

Clinical Research Assistant (South Oxfordshire)

Gemma Butler

Clinical Research Assistant for Aylesbury AMHT

Holly Clegg

Clinical Research Assistant for IAPT Services

Danielle Dunnett

Clinical Research Assistant (IAPT)

Amy Finney

Clinical Research Assistant for Chiltern AMHT

Heather Guerin

Clinical Research Assistant: North & West Oxfordshire Adult Mental Health Teams

Georgia Hackett

Clinical Research Assistant: Older Adult Mental Health

Rachel Hannon

TACK II Clinical Research Assistant

Jade Harvey

Clinical Research Assistant: Oxford Early Intervention Service (EIS)

Anya Ingarfill

Clinical Research Assistant (North & North-West Oxfordshire)

Taneesha Jones-Seale

Clinical Research Assistant: Buckinghamshire Early Intervention Service (EIS)

Kate Manhattan

Clinical Research Assistant for the TACK II Research Study

Francesca Waddington

Clinical Research Assistant (Oxford City)

If you would like more information on how to get involved with research opportunities in the Trust please get in touch with the team:


Tel: 01865 902 543

Page last reviewed: 22 September, 2021