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Research & Development

There are many ways to get involved with research, at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

What is sponsorship?

The Sponsor is an institution or organisation that takes on the legal responsibility for the initiation and management of the research study, but is not necessarily the funder. Depending on the type of study you have there may not always be a financial implication to running the study.

The Department of Health Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care (2005) requires all studies to have an identified Sponsor.

You will need to identify an institution that is willing to take on this role. Many of the main funding bodies are willing to provide grants for research, but are not able to take on the responsibilities of Sponsor.

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (OHFT) is willing to accept the role of Sponsor of a research study when it is appropriate to do so; usually when an OHFT employee has designed the study and is acting as the Chief Investigator. In any situation, OHFT must actively consent in writing to acting as Sponsor of a study, in signing the REC application and R&D application forms.

If you would like OHFT to act as Sponsor for your study, it is important that you approach the R&D Department early in the development of your Study Protocol and associated documents, such as Participant Information Sheets and Consent Forms.

Timelines for the review process will be negotiated at the time the application is assigned to a member of the OHFT R&D team for review. There needs to be enough time factored in for a number of iterations of the project. However, following the receipt of a complete and valid application, R&D aims to respond within five working days.

What is the purpose of the OHFT Sponsorship Review?

  • check that the proposed research and written protocol are appropriate
  • assess the quality of the application to anticipate REC/MHRA queries
  • ensure appropriate information is provided to potential participants
  • confirm that information sheets and consent forms follow NRES guidelines
  • ascertain that requisite legislation and guidance is being applied


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