Home Educated Children and Young People

Oxfordshire School Health Nurses

Our nurses provide physical and emotional healthcare for children and young people in Oxfordshire. They are qualified nurses with further specialised training in the health needs of children and young people.

They work as part of a team consisting of specialist community public health nurses, community staff nurses, and clinical and administrative assistants.

School Health Nurses implement the Healthy Child Programme: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/healthy-child-programme-5-to-19-years-old

There is a team of school health nurses who provide a service all year round. If you want to contact a school health nurse please email SHN.oxfordshire@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk .

Or if you are a parent/carer of child aged between 5-11 years who attends a state school or is home educated, please text our new  messaging service Chat Health using our Parentline 07312 263227.

Chat Health 5-11 poster

Young people aged 11-19 who are home educated can contact school nurses through our Chat Health 11-19 messaging service. The number is 07312 263084.

Chat Health 11-19 poster

Here is our latest School Nurse newsletter EHE Newsletter September 2021

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School aged Immunisation Service (SAIS)
All children who are educated at home are eligible to receive their vaccinations at the same time as children who attend school.
Please contact Immunisation Team ImmunisationTeam@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk

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Page last reviewed: 22 March, 2022