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Non-urgent advice: Covid operating times

Safe Haven is continuing to provide listening support, signposting and safety planning to those who are in mental health crisis. However, after careful consideration we are currently delivering the service by telephone.

Anyone in need of support can:

  • Call from 6.00pm
  • to receive a 30 minute 1:1 conversation with a member of staff.

Please note we may allocate a time slot and call the service user back.

We would ask that any calls to Safe Haven are made no later than 11.00pm, to allow us enough time to accommodate and support each service user.

Who the service is for?

  • Buckinghamshire residents over 18 who are experiencing a mental health crisis who wish to access support, and could benefit from a supportive, non-clinical environment out of hours.
  • People who historically may have attended the emergency department, in the absence of other options for accessing assessment, support and safety.
  • People who may be at risk of self-harm or suicide, but no immediate risk to themselves or others.

Who this service is unsuitable for?

  • People younger than 18 years, or those living outside of Buckinghamshire.
  • People presenting an immediate risk to themselves or others.
  • Anyone likely to be disruptive or aggressive in an informal social environment.
  • Anyone who needs immediate medical treatment.
  • People who are significantly intoxicated with alcohol or drugs on arrival will not be admitted.

Non-urgent advice: Contact details

Day Phone number Hours*
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 01296 453 017 6.00pm to midnight
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 01494 218 098 6.00pm to midnight

* Our telephone lines are only open 6.00pm to midnight.


We will continue to record standard contact details for each new caller. This is to ensure we are able to refer them on for increased support if necessary.


We are constantly reviewing how we safely deliver Safe Haven and will update you when there are further changes in service provision.

Page last reviewed: 9 July, 2021