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Memory services

Our memory services aim to help people who are worried that their poor memory may be a sign of dementia. These services provide a full assessment of the problem, start treatment if that is needed and offer advice about available support for the person and their care-giver.

A referral to our service may be advisable if you are having increased difficulty:

  • remembering day-to-day events
  • finding the right word
  • forgetting dates and appointments
  • following conversations
  • with tasks such as dressing or cooking
  • finding things around the house
  • with finances, paying bills etc
  • personality change including apathy and withdrawal
  • your care-giver is having difficulty coping

For further information about dementia, scroll up and click on the ‘links and resources’ tab on the right, to find out more different organisations that can provide you with support and advice.

If you are worried about your memory and would like to be seen by a memory clinic, the first step is discussing your concerns with your GP.

If you already have an appointment at one of our memory clinics and have questions about this, scroll up and click on the ‘Locations and Contacts’ tab.

REFR0067-9027 - cropIf you have a concern about your memory and would like to see our specialists, you should make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your GP.

When we get a referral letter from your GP, we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

We often also arrange for patients to have a brain scan before seeing them in clinic.




Main sites:


Abingdon mental Health Centre
Community Hospital Site
Marcham Rd,
OX14 1AG

Tel:  01865 904410

North Bucks:

Memory Clinic Service
The Whiteleaf Centre
Bierton Road
HP20 1EG
Tel: 01865 901280

Other Clinic Locations

Location Phone number Team base Clinic days
Abingdon, Mental Health Centre – OX14 1AG 01865 904410 South Oxon Monday – PM.

Tuesday – PM.

Thursday – PM.

Amersham, Haleacre Unit – HP6 0JD 01865 901239 South Bucks Monday – All day

Tuesday – All day

Thursday – All day

Aylesbury, Whiteleaf Centre – HP20 1EG 01865 901280 North Bucks Tuesday – PM

Wednesday –  AM


Banbury, Fiennes Centre, Horton Hospital – OX16 9AL 01865 902726 North Oxon Monday – AM
Bicester, Julier Centre, Coker Close – OX26 6AE 01865 904010 Central Oxon 1ST, 3rd and 5th Friday of the month- AM
Chipping Norton, War Memorial Hospital – OX7 5FA 01865 902726 North Oxon Thursday – AM
High Wycombe, Shrublands Day Hospital – HP13 6PT 01865 901239 South Bucks Monday – AM

Tuesday – All day

Wednesday -PM

Thursday – All day

Friday – all day

Haddenham Medical Centre –HP17 8JX 01865 901280 North Bucks Friday – AM
Oxford, Warneford Hospital, Green Tree Lodge OX3 7JX 01865 904010 Central Oxon Thursday – all day
Wallingford, Mental Health Centre – OX10 0DT 01865 904410 South Oxon Monday – AM

Wednesday – AM

Witney, Community Hospital or Nuffield Health Centre – OX28 6JQ 01865 902726 North Oxon 3rd,  4th and 5th   Monday of the month – PM

Tuesday – PM

Thursday – AM

North End Surgery, Buckingham, MK18 1NU 01865 901280 North Bucks Thursday – PM
Denham Memory Clinic

Denham Medical Centre, Queen Mothers Drive, Uxbridge UB9 5ga

01865 901239 Bucks Tuesday – All day

Our memory clinic teams consist of consultant psychiatrists, specialist dementia nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists and dementia advisers.

The appointment will include answering general questions about your memory, day-to-day activities, driving, and family life and also carrying out some memory tests.  This is described more fully in this leaflet which will be sent with your appointment letter.

The aim of the clinic appointment is to provide a treatment plan to support your medical, social and care needs.  This will be based on a diagnosis, which we can share with you and your family if wanted.

We are actively engaged in research, and you will be offered the opportunity to be contacted about suitable studies, for example assessing or treating memory problems. This is entirely optional. Many patients and their families find this a very rewarding experience.

Older People services

Last updated: 30 April, 2018

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