Children’s Continuing Health Care is a small team who work closely with partner agencies, local health providers, families and carers to make sure that the right healthcare support is available for children with a wide variety of complex needs.

We offer two services based on the referral: case management, and children’s continuing health care assessments.

People might request case management because:

  • Professionals currently involved anticipate the need for further resource
  • Professionals within universal services (such as our health visitors) currently involved in the care of a young person identify the need for additional support, which may be difficult to find (i.e. due to an uncommon or complicated health related issue)

In either case, our team would work with other professionals in assessing currently support, and we may co-ordinate care delivery across services for a short period of time.

Continuing health care assessment is a needs-based assessment tool used to find out what a person’s health care need, and give allocate the right resources to them. We are responsible for undertaking these assessments and identifying the right resources as well.

We currently use this tool mostly for assessing the needs of children placed in alternate residential or school provision.

Any professionals working with children’s services and agencies can make a referral: use our referral form.

We will start processing a referral within 48 working hours of receiving it.

Phone: 01865 904475


Page last reviewed: 17 April, 2018