Children’s occupational therapy: activity resources

Fine Motor Development

Hand and Shoulder Strength
In Hand Manipulation Activities
Index and finger Isolation
Pre-Scissor Skills
Scissor Skills
Tripod grasp

Under 5s
In hand Manipulation
Finger Isolation
Hand Arch Development
Hand Dominance Development
Hand Strength

In Hand Manipulation
Hand Arch Development
Hand Dominance Development
Hand Strength

Hand Arch Development
Hand Dominance Development
Hand Strength
In hand Manipulation

Pre-writing and handwriting

Co-odination Difficulties
General Hand Activities – Primary Children
Hand Warm Ups
Letter formation
Mark Making
Pencil Pressure
Writing Posture

Self-Care Skills

Backward Chaining
Buttons and Zips
Developing Cutlery Skills

Self -Care – Developing Cutlery skills -older children 2015

Dressing Sensory
Dressing Steps
Eating and Drinking Stages
Potty and Toilet Training
Toilet Training – Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Body Awareness and Midline

Bilateral Integration
Body awareness – Over 5’s
Body Awareness – Under 5’s
Crossing Midline – Primary Children
Crossing Midline – Secondary Children
Crossing Midline – under 5s

General Strategies/Information

Attention and Concentration

Car Safety Information

Good sleep habits for children with Learning Difficulties

Organisational Skills – General

Housing Referrals – Behaviour and Safety in the Home

Oxfordshire Wheelchair Services Information

Visual Perceptual Skills

General Games
Primary Children
Secondary Children
Under 5s

Co-ordination difficulties

Handwriting – Coordination Difficulties

Organisational Skills – DCD

CO-OP – Task Breakdown

Motor Planning

Sensory Strategies

There is currently no proven evidence to support sensory interventions at this time.  There is however anecdotal support that strategies may be useful for some children.  Please see below some general strategies to try:

Further information about Sensory Processing

Auditory sensitivities

General Sensory Strategies

Classroom Strategies


Hair Washing Cutting Brushing

Oral Skill Development

Preparing for Busy Environments

Sleep Strategies

Self Care Skills

Strategies for Challenges Relating to Food

Teeth Cleaning Strategies


Weighted Product Advice

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