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“Treatment has made a huge difference to me. It has helped me to transform from dealing with chronic pain, as I improve physically, to deal with the psychological symptoms. I felt like I really had support.”
“There was flexibility to have phone consultations. I feel confident in the info, websites and books I can use to self manage in the future.”
“The choice of the online programme fitted well with my circumstances and lifestyle, and my supporter was very good in explaining how my levels of low mood and anxiety had changed.”
“I really enjoyed this self-esteem course and felt really involved in the group. I've taken away some skills which I will definitely use in the future.”
“The experience was great, I really have a better understanding of my problems and I would recommend to a friend - the service was also flexible with my schedule.”

TalkingSpace Plus – Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service is commissioned by Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and delivers services across the County to help people with common mental health challenges to recover from anxiety and/or depression and to improve general wellbeing including physical health and finding / maintaining employment.  Last year 15,000 people in Oxfordshire were helped by the service

We would like your feedback to help us further improve this service and obtain the best outcomes for the highest number of service users. We are reviewing how the service is working in practice,  experiences of service users , referrers and other stakeholders, as well as and how the service connects to other health and mental healthcare services in Oxfordshire. The review will include wide-ranging consultation with service users, family and friends, carers, staff members and other external organisations.

We value your comments and would appreciate you completing the survey by clicking on the link below.  All responses will be fully confidential and anonymous. Closing date for responses is Monday 30 November 2020.

                                                                   Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

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Coping with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have updated our website to include a range of leaflets, short videos and links that will help you look after yourself and your loved ones during this very challenging time.

These videos are designed to give you practical ideas on how to manage worries around COVID-19, look after your own wellbeing and how to connect with others if you are feeling alone as a result of having to isolate yourself.

The pandemic may also result in you facing a range of new experiences. We have written more detailed leaflets  which explain some of the problems you may experience and when to seek help with them. These include:

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are only offering remote treatment options using online solutions or telephone appointments. If you have any questions please contact us. Alternatively, we will contact each patient if there are any further changes to the service.