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Overcoming anxiety & depression together

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Overcoming Anxiety Group

What will the group be like?

This group is based on helping people learn new strategies to manage their anxiety. We focus on understanding and challenging the way you think about situations which make you anxious, as well as tackling situations you struggle with or avoid.

The group is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and focuses on learning new tools and techniques to manage anxiety. We practice these in the sessions together and you are then encouraged to continue this practice in your everyday life. The hope is that challenging your anxiety will eventually become a natural response.

The group is for people with a variety of difficulties, for example worries about social situations, anxiety over their health or about going out alone. Being able to learn new tools alongside other people can be very helpful as you can support and learn from each other.

Many people can be worried about what group therapy will be like. There is no expectation that you will share personal information about yourself or your past with the group. Instead we will we focus on learning new tools together and will use day to day examples of your anxiety to guide us. The group will run for 12 weekly sessions. Each session will be two hours long with a short break midway through.

What will the group cover?

The first session provides an overview of the group and how CBT can help us manage anxiety.

The subsequent three sessions focus on understanding our anxious thoughts and how to challenge these. We then look at what anxiety holds you back from doing, and will use support from the group members to plan new challenges for you to try so that you can feel less restricted by anxiety.

The final sessions are based on learning about where our anxiety may have come from and some of the thought patterns which maintain it. We will finish by summarising all of the tools you have learned and planning for the future.

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Last updated: 16 April, 2013

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