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Mindfulness based CT (MBCT)

 What is MBCT?

When life is particularly difficult our mind is all over the place.  At such times we need stability, clarity and insight.  Mindfulness offers the opportunity to develop these states.   It has been described in many ways: being in the moment, being more aware of your thinking, being aware of what is going on in the body.  Mindfulness is at least as much about ordinary daily living as it is about making some quiet time for the formal practice that is necessary when attending mindfulness classes.  The approach is about noticing what you are thinking and how this might affect how you feel emotionally and physically.  This activity contrasts with the tendency that people often have to fall into a pattern of unhelpful thinking.

Practical Information about Mindfulness groups

Mindfulness is delivered in a group setting.  It is a teaching environment and it is not necessary to share personal information.   Discussion is focussed on the mindfulness practice being taught.

The maximum number of sessions is 8 (each session is two hours long).  There will be follow-up sessions.

Questionnaires will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching.

Any personal information shared is confidential and the treatment is provided by experienced and qualified, accredited therapists working to the Code of Conduct and Guidelines of the BABCP, qualified Mindfulness Therapists or Mindfulness Therapists in training.

Talking Space Plusprovide two Mindfulness courses.  One is for people with a history of mild to moderate depression and the other is for people with long-term medical conditions such as diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome or pain.

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Last updated: 18 February, 2013

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