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Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy

What is Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy?

DIT is a form of brief psychodynamic psychotherapy developed for treating depression. It is particularly helpful for people with emotional and relationship problems, especially if these are linked to previous relationship difficulties.

We have known for some time that difficult experiences in the past can continue to affect the way people feel and behave in the present and that this can cause problems in relationships which in turn can be linked to depression.

This therapy is based on the idea that when something is very painful we can find ourselves trying to ignore it. Most of the time we know when we’re doing this, but sometimes we can bury something so successfully that we lose sight of it completely. DIT aims to help people by focusing on certain key aspects of someone’s current relationship patterns. If we can help them change these they can feel more able to sustain intimacy and closeness with others and their depression can lift.

This information is taken from the leaflet “Which Talking Therapy for Depression?” (DoH, 2009) To read the full leaflet, please click here.

To find out more about DIT and what you can expect from your therapist visit: and read the guide for service users.


Last updated: 18 February, 2013

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