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Overcoming anxiety & depression together

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Further Reading

We recommend the following self-help books, many of which local bookshops and libraries keep in stock or will order for you.

Overcoming Panic
Author Silove, D
ISBN 978-1854877017
Publisher Robinson Publishing
Published 1997
Panic Attacks
Author Ingham, C
ISBN 978-0722526989
Publisher Thorsons
Published 1997
The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook
Author Davis, Robbins, Eshelman& McKay
ISBN 978-1572242142
Publisher New Harbinger Publications
Published 2000
Overcoming Traumatic Stress
Author Herbert, C
ISBN 978-1841190167
Publisher Robinson Publishing
Published 1999
Overcoming Social Anxiety & Shyness
Author Butler, G
ISBN 978-1854877031
Publisher Robinson Publishing
Published 1999
Mind Over Mood
Author Greenberger, P
ISBN 978-0898621280
Publisher Guilford Press
Published 1995
Overcoming Depression
Author Dryden, W & Opie, S
ISBN 978-0859698184
Publisher Sheldon Press
Published 2003
Stop Obsessing: How To Overcome Your Obsessions and Compulsions
Author Foa & Reid
ISBN 978-0553381177
Publisher Bantam
Published 2001
Overcoming Anxiety
Author Kennerley, H
ISBN 978-1854874221
Publisher Robinson Publishing
Published 1997
How to stop Worrying
Author Tallis, F
ISBN 978-0859696104
Publisher Sheldon Press
Published 1990
Coping with Anxiety & Depression
Author Trickett, S
ISBN 9978-0859697620
Publisher Sheldon Press
Published 1996
Letting go of anxiety & depression
Author Dryden, W
ISBN 978-0859698931
Publisher Sheldon Press
Published 2003
The Feeling Good Handbook
Author Burns, D
ISBN 978-0452281325
Publisher Plume
Published 2000
Getting better bit(e) by bit(e)
Overcoming Panic Author Treasure, J, & Schmidt, U
ISBN 978-0863773228
Publisher Psychology Press
Published 1993
Through Grief: The Bereavement Journey
Author Collick, E
ISBN 978-0232516821
Publisher Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd
Published 1986

Last updated: 18 February, 2013

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