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Watch: Therapy patients urge others to ask for help

Five inspiring NHS Talking Therapies patients have shared their recovery journeys in a series of short films to encourage others to get early help for their mental health.

The films include interviews with psychological therapists on how therapy improves people’s lives and what can stop some from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds or older generations from asking for help.

Amedeo – “Get help. It’s not embarrassing”

Marrium – “I had this big fear of being judged”

IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapy) services across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire have teamed up to produce the videos for three county-wide NHS therapy services: Talking Space Plus Oxfordshire, Healthy Minds Buckinghamshire and NHS Talking Therapies Berkshire.


Diana – “In my culture mental health is perceived as possessed or bewitched”

Navdeep – “Mental health can be quite taboo in some cultures”

Peter – “I waited 40 years before asking for support”

TalkingSpace Plus is a free NHS service open to anyone over the age of 18 who is registered with a GP in Oxfordshire. 

Click here to complete your online referral form or call us on 01865 901 222

Short films about mental health


Anxiety is a normal reaction. We all feel anxious at some time or another. However, sometimes anxious feelings become very strong and stop us from doing things we would like to do. This is when anxiety becomes a problem.

In this short film produced by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Sadie Rees speaks to Clinical Psychologist,  Hannah Stratford, about some of the issues relating to anxiety.

Digital Innovations in mental health

TalkingSpace Plus and Healthy Minds (IAPT services in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire) collaborated to develop a short film explaining how technology is helping people with a range of mental health conditions and revolutionising psychotherapy treatments. 

Downloading the MS Teams app on an Apple device

Downloading the MS Teams app on an Android device

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