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Short Films about Mental Health


Anxiety is a normal reaction. We all feel anxious at some time or another. However, sometimes anxious feelings become very strong and stop us from doing things we would like to do. This is when anxiety becomes a problem.

In this short film produced by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Sadie Rees speaks to Clinical Psychologist,  Hannah Stratford, about some of the issues relating to anxiety.

Digital Innovations in mental health

TalkingSpace Plus and Healthy Minds (IAPT services in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire) collaborated to develop a short film explaining how technology is helping people with a range of mental health conditions and revolutionising psychotherapy treatments. 

Downloading the MS Teams app on an Apple device

Downloading the MS Teams app on an Android device

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are only offering remote treatment options using online solutions or telephone appointments. If you have any questions please contact us. Alternatively, we will contact each patient if there are any further changes to the service.