EMIS – Out of Hours (OOH) information

EMIS went live on 26.08.2022 in the Out of Hours service. 

The Standard Operating Procedure and User Guide explains how to use EMIS Web to do all the common tasks that you need to do in the OOH service as an administrator and a clinician – including booking people onto the phone list, booking base appointments and carrying out consultations. It is imperative that you follow the SOP and training videos and do not try to change or improve the system in anyway. If you do have suggestions for improvements we will be looking at that over the coming days and can incorporate them then.

Click here to access the SOP for EMIS OOH

Non-urgent advice: Information Governance

All staff need to complete the Information Governance form before they are sent their username and login for EMIS on an email. Please keep an eye out for an email with your login information once you have completed the form

Information Governance form

If you are unable to complete the form for any reason, you can access a  PDF version of the form

Non-urgent advice: Training

You must complete the training below. You will need to have sound and be wearing headphones for the eLearning.

Remember to take a screenshot of the certificate at the end of training and send it to the following two email addresses: