Staff Recognition Awards 2019

Recognising Excellence and Innovation Award 2019

Presented by Director of Strategy & Chief Information Officer, Martyn Ward

This is an award for a person or team that strives to be the best they can be and is committed to leading the way. They will have demonstrated high standards of excellence and will have made an outstanding contribution to the organisation.


IAPT Digital Team
Prospect House, Bucks & Abel House, Oxford

Their nomination said:

“This team’s integrated approach to partnership working locally and nationally, in developing innovative ways to use technology, has enabled the team to anticipate future service needs, support staff to put these innovations in place and turn ideas into reality for the benefit of our patients and staff at TalkingSpace Plus and Healthy Minds.”

On the record

“It was amazing!” says IAPT digital lead and CBT therapist Natasha Browne of her team’s win. “After learning that there were nearly 400 nominations, it was really nice to just be nominated, but to win is fantastic.”

The digital team of eight works with two of Oxford Health’s services that provide improved access the psychological therapies (IAPT): TalkingSpace Plus in Oxfordshire and Health Minds in Buckinghamshire, exploring how we can use digital technology to help patients.

“It’s very exciting to see how we can offer more opportunities for patients to engage with their treatment and in more convenient ways,” says Natasha.

Innovations the team has been involved in include Sharon, a secure online community for people who have already engaged with the trust’s services; digital consultations and use of virtual reality in treatment of fear of heights.

“We have several projects going on but the main drive is to keep up to date with technology. We do so much digitally; we shop digitally, we communicate digitally.

Our team is looking into how we can incorporate digital into NHS services,” says Natasha.

“It can make it more convenient to attend appointments, for instance for people who work full time, and it gives more choice for access, for instance for people with long term health conditions. Of course, it’s great for our people, too. It’s new and exciting and we are all learning new skills.”

“It was amazing! After learning that there were nearly 400 nominations, it was really nice to just be nominated, but to win is fantastic.”

Natasha Browne



Carol Duncombe
Service Manager, Community Hospitals, Oxfordshire

Her nomination said: “Carols’ determination to implement Single Point of Access (SPA) on a trust-wide scale have made the value for our patients tangible. Her innovative way of working has ensured that the service that is now in place has grown from two members of staff, to a staff of approximately 30.”

Community Therapy Service, Witney

Their nomination said: “This team initiated a significant change to working hours in order to respond to when patients need them most. They recognised the impact this change would have on improving patient care, outcomes and reducing the need to admit frail elderly patients to hospital. A great example of right care, by the right health care professional at the right time and importantly in the right place for the patient.”