Staff Recognition Awards 2019

Teamwork (Clinical) Award 2019

Presented by Chief Nurse, Marie Crofts

This award is for clinical teams who have contributed the most, to improve the quality of experience for service users, carers, families or colleagues in the trust by embracing teamwork.


Getting Help Team
Melksham Community Hospital, Melksham, Wiltshire

Their nomination said:

“The team’s dedication to making a positive difference in young people’s lives, remains an inspiration and shining beacon of exemplary practice in keeping the child at the centre of everything we do.”

On the record

“We were speechless; overwhelmed,” says Alice Fowler of the Getting Help Team’s win at the Staff Awards. Luckily she had asked her fellow team mates to jot down at the ceremony how they felt so it could be reported the morning after:

“We feel excited to be nominated and recognised but the real privilege is to work with young people,” her colleague noted.

Another one said: “The best thing you can do for young people is to give them time. Tonight we are giving a bit of time to ourselves. It’s been very special.”

The Getting Help Team is based at the Melksham Community Hospital and works with children and young people across North and West Wilshire – a very large patch where many members of staff work over and beyond their hours to cover it all.

The Getting Help Team assesses the young people referred to them and offers short term interventions, almost literally any kind of help that will get the person back on track in their life.

“We can go to schools or homes, to a GP practice, work with families, offer graded exposure to social situations to someone with social anxiety,” Alice lists as potential kinds of help.

“We don’t do it often, but we can help people catch a bus if there isn’t anyone else doing it.”

Help can also mean referral to other services. “But there’s a lot of evidence that short-term help can be very effective and help the person carry on with their life,” Alice says.

A night of celebrations was indeed welcome to the team of eight. Opening up referrals to families and people themselves has led to an influx of new cases, and Alice notes that the severity of cases is on the increase: young people’s lives are getting more complex.

“We have all loved this special time to just stop and enjoy a bit of positive reflection.”

“The best thing you can do for young people is to give them time. Tonight we are giving a bit of time to ourselves. It’s been very special.”

Getting Help Team



Highfield Unit Nursing & HCA Team
Highfield Unit, Oxford

Their nomination said: “The team’s high level of patient care, always delivered so positively, with innovation and passion, is key to the improvement in our patients’ mental health.”

ORSU Occupational Therapy & Physio Team
Oxfordshire Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, Oxfordshire

Their nomination said: “This team of driven, passionate individuals works tirelessly to embrace change and innovation and always places the patient at the centre of its actions.”