Easy to access dads’ app launched for dads and dads-to-be

DadPad launched for Buckinghamshire dads this International Men’s Day

Easy to access dads’ app launched for dads and dads-to-be

Help is at hand to boost fathers’ confidence with a new baby – thanks to a handy new app.

DadPad is an easy to access app for dads with new babies and dads-to-be being launched by Buckinghamshire Perinatal Mental Health Service.

It is full of useful information for fathers – setting them up for a confident start to fatherhood. And in turn that boosts their own mental health resilience and that of new mums and the whole family.

DadPad is being launched in Buckinghamshire this International Mens’ Day.

DadPad includes information on feeding, sleeping, holding baby, crying, cleaning and changing, bonding and communicating. It also includes information on pertinent topics like first aid, legal issues and taking care of yourself and your partner after the birth of a baby.

As a quick on-the-go reference tool dads can dip into DadPad whenever and wherever they need it. With greater knowledge comes greater confidence – and that boosts dad’s ability to play an active role in improving their own health and that of their partner, baby and children.

There’s also advice on where to turn if things are tougher than anticipated – including local mental health services like Buckinghamshire Perinatal Mental Health Service, the recent winners of the South East regional award for Excellence in Mental Health at the NHS Parliamentary Awards.

Lisa Manser, Perinatal Mental Health Practitioner with Buckinghamshire Perinatal Mental Health Service, said: “DadPad has been developed for dads who often find themselves in the shadows a little during the pregnancy, birth and post-natal period when a lot of attention is on mum and baby. They want to support their families and play an active role in raising their family. It can seem there’s lots of advice and support everywhere you look for mums starting out on the path to motherhood. With DadPad there’s now also tailored advice and support for dads in Buckinghamshire too.”

Julian Bose, director of Inspire Cornwall CIC which developed DadPad, said: “The DadPad was created because babies don’t come with a set of instructions, and dads told us that there was important information they wanted on what to expect and how to care for their baby.

“We listened to what dads, their partners and health professionals asked for and combined it all in the DadPad.

“We are delighted to have the chance to work with Buckinghamshire Perinatal Mental Health Service and to be able to now launch this resource for dads and dads-to-be across the county.”

Buckinghamshire Perinatal Mental Health Services supports mums and mums-to-be from conception through to baby’s first birthday. If you are concerned about your mental health, or that of your partner, find out more about Buckinghamshire Perinatal Mental Health Service by talking to your health visitor, midwife or GP.

Download the DadPad app or visit your app store and search DadPad.

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Published: 19 November 2021