NHS Parliamentary Awards win for team giving HOPE to people with an eating disorder

Life-changing provider collaborative offering ground-breaking care for people with an eating disorder is celebrating after scooping regional wins and a place in the final of the NHS Parliamentary Awards 2022.

NHS Parliamentary Awards win for team giving HOPE to people with an eating disorder

A life-changing provider collaborative that gives ground breaking care for people with an eating disorder has won two regional NHS Parliamentary Awards 2022.

HOPE (Healthy Outcomes for People with Eating disorders) Adult Eating Disorder Provider Collaborative won the Excellence in Mental Health Award in both the south east and south west regions after getting the backing of 13 MPs including former PM Theresa May.

HOPE is now through to the grand final which will take place on July 6 at the Palace of Westminster in London. Representative will attend alongside former patient Dr Lorna Collins who gave personal testimony for the nomination.

It is believed to be the first time an entry has scooped the regional win in more than one geography and it is the third time Oxford Health has been through to the final since the inception of the awards in 2018, set up to honour the 70 anniversary of the NHS.

The HOPE Provider Collaborative brings together NHS trusts and an independent provider in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Gloucester and BaNES (Bath and North East Somerset), Swindon and Wiltshire and is led by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

HOPE’s life-changing treatment model

HOPE has pioneered the implementation of a revolutionary new and compassionate treatment model for people suffering with extreme, life-threatening eating disorders.

The collaborative adapted NICE approved Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Eating disorder (CBTE) treatment into Integrated CBTE (I-CBTE), an innovative approach combining a time-limited, planned admission of 13 weeks, with the goal of full weight restoration, seven weeks’ day treatment and ongoing outpatient CBTE.

The treatment model was co-designed and co-produced by a multi-disciplinary team along with patients, families and carers who considered every aspect, from the way eating food in the dining room happens right through to patients developing their own formulation and, in essence, becoming their own therapists.

Of 120 I-CBTE patients who took part 70% maintained healthy weight without binging or purging compared to just 5% of patients receiving traditional treatment after one year. Only 14% of patients receiving I-CBTE were readmitted to hospital compared to 60% of patients receiving traditional treatment.

Find out more about the success of the I-CBTE study.

Celebrating success

NHS Parliamentary Award judges heard that by focusing on the patient and their wider circumstances, the collaborative’s approach enables people to recover and thrive close to their home, friends, family and as part of their community.

Naming HOPE Provider Collaborative as the regional winner in both the South East and the South West – and shortlisting for the final in London – judges said: “The results are hugely impressive, helping far more people maintain healthy weights and leading to far fewer hospital readmissions than traditional treatments. It truly is a ‘hope programme’.”

Dr Agnes Ayton, clinical director of HOPE Provider Collaborative, I-CBTE study lead and chair of the Eating Disorders Faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists said: “I am very proud to see this wonderful recognition of our work which pioneered the integrated CBTE approach in the NHS and being able to demonstrate benefits to patients. This work would not have been possible without the support, the compassion and commitment of many people to improving outcomes for patients with severe eating disorders.”

Senior modern matron and Provider Collaborative Quality Lead, Sharon Ryan, said: “It is wonderful to see HOPE provider collaborative’s innovative work, and the hard work of all our colleagues, across two regions recognised by the NHS Parliamentary Awards. Working with patients, their families and loved ones to co-produce compassionate wrap around care has made a dramatic difference to people’s lives. The HOPE PC has provided an opportunity to compare outcomes between different inpatient treatment programmes and really find what works to help more people and save lives.”

Chief executive of Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust Dr Nick Broughton said: “We strive to deliver the very best care to our patients, continually improving and learning as we go so we may offer people the best opportunities for recovery and wellbeing. Three regional wins at the NHS Parliamentary Awards really does illustrate the positives that can happen when we work together and combine expertise. Good luck to our HOPE colleagues and all the finalists at the final next month.”

Fingers crossed

Representatives from the HOPE providers will travel to London to attend the gala final in Westminster on July 6. Among them will be Lorna Collins who is now flourishing after her own battle with a severe and enduring eating disorder.

In 2020-21 Buckinghamshire Perinatal Mental Health Service was named regional South East winner of the NHS Parliamentary Awards Excellence in Mental Health Care category.

And Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership was named national winner of the NHS Parliamentary Awards Excellence in Mental Health Care category in 2019.

Giving people HOPE for the future

The HOPE (Healthy Outcomes for People with Eating Disorders) Adult Eating Disorder Provider Collaborative is Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust, provide the highest level of patient care by focusing on the patient and their wider circumstances. The collaborative enables people to recover and thrive close to their home, friends, family and as part of their community.

The HOPE Provider Collaborative was nominated by MPs Victoria Prentis, John Howell, Robert Courts, Anneliese Dodds, Layla Moran, Greg Smith, Sarah Green, Matt Rodda, Laura Farris and Theresa May for the South East regional award, and Siobhan Baillie, Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown and Michelle Donelan for the South West regional award.

Congratulations Sam

Sam Clark-Stone, clinical lead for the eating disorders service at Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust, part of HOPE Provider Collaborative is the South West regional winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. He was nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award in the South West by MP Alex Chalk.

Judges heard that: “From patients, their families to students and staff, Sam’s philosophy encompasses inclusion, equality, integrity, working together to benefit those living with an eating disorder. Speaking as a colleague with experience of being mentored/trained and inspired by Sam’s expertise, his contributions to the world of eating disorders have and continue to be exceptional and profound.”

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Published: 14 June 2022