Video: Chair David Walker reviews topics at the March 30 Trust Board Meeting

Better integration of hospital, mental health and community services across the counties, patient participation in research at the Brain Health Centre, and renewed bid for the Biomedical Research Centre.

Video: Chair David Walker reviews topics at the March 30 Trust Board Meeting

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust is continuing to hold online board meetings that can be attended by the public via a digital link.

David Walker, Chair of the Trust, has made this short video to explain some of the key topics discussed at the March 30 meeting.

David highlights the new programme of collaboration with local hospitals:

“Healthcare in Oxfordshire is set to improve as a result of the Board’s decision to set up a new programme of collaboration with the doctors and nurses of the John Radcliffe, the Churchill and the Horton. It should mean more people will get treated in their own homes saving them an arduous journey into A&E.

“Our nurses will consult closely with hospital doctors and both will liaise with the paramedics of the ambulance service. We also hope to see more streamlined care offered in podiatry and for people at the end of their lives.”

And integration is being extended to neighbouring counties:

“In a few months we will also be joining in new arrangements for healthcare across the county, extending also into Buckinghamshire and including Reading, Newbury and Wokingham.

“By better integrating our hospital, mental health and community services, pooling our resources, we should be able to tackle the persisting problem in our area of recruiting staff and to push resources to where they have the most benefit.”

David concludes with exciting news on research and development:

“Our latest Board meeting also heard about exciting new work being done at the Brain Health Centre at the Warneford and the enthusiasm of many patients, with conditions such as dementia, for taking part in research studies that are already contributing to the development of new drugs and therapies.

“Oxford Health is bidding to renew its Biomedical Research Centre which will allow further progress in translating scientific breakthroughs into new ways of treating patients.”

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Published: 31 March 2022