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What we do

Bicester_Community_Hospital_5127 with creditBicester Community Hospital provides inpatient rehabilitation and palliative care for people no longer requiring acute care. All patients at Bicester community hospital enjoy the privacy of a single room, each with direct access to a central garden.

The hospital has 12 beds and a dedicated team of nurses, and occupational therapists and is supported by GPs and gerontologists (doctors specialising in the care of older people). Staff work closely with social services to source care placements and liaise with other care agencies.

The hospital also has a first aid unit (FAU) and the hospital provides therapy and X-ray services (provided by Oxford Health Hospitals contact Tel 01865 221473), as well as outpatient clinics. (The X-ray facilities are referral only)

The X-Ray department opening times are Monday to Friday – 9am to 2pm (excluding Bank Holidays). Please note the department closes at 2pm so please ensure you allow time to book in and to have your X-ray taken.

The X-ray department takes GP Referrals only so the patient must have already had a conversation with their GP so they can send the request through. They are unable to Xray anybody without this request.

PLEASE NOTE: This facility offers a First Aid Unit (FAU) only which is not a full Urgent Treatment Centre and does not provide X-ray facilities. The FAU is for injuries sustained within the last seven days only. If you think you may have broken a bone, an assessment can be made at the FAU but it is likely you will be asked to travel to a Minor Injury Unit to complete treatment. If your injury is older than seven days then you should make an appointment with your own GP. We do accept walk in patients with injuries however it is often more efficient to contact 111 to make an appointment.

The FAU is not suitable for patients suffering from minor illnesses. If you are unwell, call 111 or access 111 online to book an appointment, or call 999 if the illness is life threatening.

Useful information

Bicester_Community_Hospital_4925 with creditAddress

Bicester Community Hospital
Piggy lane
OX26 6HT

You can view this location on Google map here.


Bicester_Community_Hospital_4883 with creditInformation for inpatients

If you are being admitted to hospital, you should bring the following items in with you:


All medicines, tablets and creams that you are using


Day clothes and shoes, night clothes, slippers, dressing gown and underwear (including tights and stockings)


Hairbrush, comb, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, denture products, soap, face flannel and paper tissues.

If you use or need any of the following then you should also bring these in with you:

  • dentures/shaving equipment
  • walking stick/frame
  • hearing aid
  • continence aids
  • special shoes
  • spectacles
  • any appointment cards
  • writing material, postage stamps
  • books to read
  • anything special to your needs


We are unable to provide a laundry service for patients at our community hospitals. However, in exceptional circumstances we may be able to help.

Money and valuables

We advise that you do not bring large sums of money or valuables into the hospital.  If you cannot avoid this your admitting nurse can arrange for their safe keeping and will give you a receipt.  We regret that community hospitals cannot accept any liability for money, valuables or property that are not handed over for safe-keeping.


All community hospitals operate a no smoking policy.  We provide a smoke-free environment for your health, other people’s health and the general safety of all.  If you do smoke and wish to take this opportunity to stop please ask your team for further information.

Bicester_Community_Hospital_4825 with creditFor the community hospital

If you are living at home then you can be referred to a community hospital by your GP. If you are already in another NHS hospital, then you can be referred by that hospital via a centralised team. You cannot refer yourself to a community hospital. If you are feeling unwell you should contact your GP.

For the first aid unit

You do not need to be referred to be seen at the first aid unit. The first aid unit is open 6pm to 11pm on weekdays and 8.30am to 11pm on weekends and bank holidays.

Visiting hours for Bicester Community Hospital

Visiting hours on the ward at Bicester Community Hospital are:
11:30am to 8pm

FAU opening times

The first aid unit is open 6pm to 11pm on weekdays and 8.30am to 11pm on weekends and bank holidays.

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Page last reviewed: 8 April, 2024