Our service

We provide a wide range of services including:

  • Special Care – dental treatment for adult and child patients who may have, for example, a learning disability, a physical disability, a dental phobia or be medically compromised.
  • Paediatric Care – dental treatment for anxious or pre-cooperative young children
  • Sedation – for some types of treatment, both inhalation and intravenous
  • Domiciliary Visits (care at home)
  • Dental Care of Bariatric Patients
  • Wheelchair tippers and hoists available.

Certain criteria apply to these and other services we offer – more details can be found on our Referrals page. You may be discharged back to your dentist following completion of treatment.

Dental team

The team comprises dentists, dental nurses and oral health educators, who all work together to ensure a patient’s oral health needs are met and they maintain a healthy mouth.

The clinical team are supported by a number of staff, including receptionists and administrators, who help maintain patient records and ensure that appointments are booked efficiently.



A dentist will examine and treat patients, accompanied by a dental nurse, either in surgery or a patient’s place of residence if necessary. A dentist will:

  • educate patients on oral healthcare
  • examine teeth and diagnose dental conditions
  • assess treatment options and agree treatment plans with patients
  • carry out agreed clinical treatments such as restoring teeth affected by decay and treating gum disease
  • maintain patients’ dental records
Dental Nurse

The dental nurse supports all members of the dental team, both in surgery and in a patient’s place of residence. A dental nurse will:

  • assist the dentist during an examination or treatment
  • help the dentist to make the patient feel comfortable and at ease
  • be responsible for maintaining a patient’s record, including taking notes while the dentist is examining the patient
  • maintain a high standard of cleanliness in surgery and ensure it is ready for use

Many of the dental nurses working within our service have further qualifications in radiography, inhalation sedation and special care.

Oral Health Educator

An oral health educator will work with patients and carers to provide them with the skills and knowledge required to maintain a healthy mouth.

An oral health educator will:

  • educate patients on oral healthcare using various visual aids
  • provide advice and teach brushing techniques
  • advise on diet and snacking
  • educate carers so that they can maintain oral health for their family member or patient, including caring for dentures
  • apply fluoride
General Dental Council (GDC)

As dental professionals, we must be registered with the General Dental Council and meet their standards.
There are nine principles that we must follow:

1-Put patients’ interests first
2-Communicate effectively with patients
3-Obtain valid consent
4-Maintain and protect patients’ information
5-Have a clear and effective complaints procedure
6-Work with colleagues in a way that is in patients’ best interests
7-Maintain, develop and work within our professional knowledge and skills
8-Raise concerns if patients are at risk
9-Make sure our personal behaviour maintains confidence in us and the dental profession

Find out more at www.gdc-uk.org


Page last reviewed: 17 May, 2023