About CBT treatment

“I didn’t believe it would help or work for me but it did.”

“I got some good advice from my therapist. He helped me in so many ways.”

“From the very first day I was able to feel at ease and comfortable to talk about my problems. It has been a relief to discuss things without the feeling of being judged and I feel strong enough now to move forward with my life.”

“My therapist worked well to understand what my needs were and these were addressed comfortably and confidently. I feel much better placed to deal with anything that may arise in the future.”

Computerised CBT

“I really found the online course helpful and want to encourage people to choose this option. I learnt useful tools and being able to connect with the online course anytime of day was really helpful.”

“I didn’t have to wait for this option, so could get started straight away with treatment support which was really beneficial.”

“It’s flexible to access and to fit around other weekly commitments. The more time you put into the programme, the more you will learn from it. The therapist reviewing my progress each week was brilliant.”

“I had great support throughout the online programme and can still access it for up to a year to refresh any modules, which is great. I didn’t need any further support after completing this but I know if I have any problems in the future I can always get back in touch.”

Telephone guided self-help

“I would really recommend it. At the start I was anxious but as the sessions progressed each week the more I felt the benefit. I feel different now than I did at the start, for the better. It has helped me so much and I would definitely recommend the group to others.”

“It has made me realise that I am not alone with how I feel and it has opened my eyes to ways to feel better about myself.”

“From the first contact with Healthy Minds I have found everyone so helpful and supportive. I have already recommended the course to others, it was useful and well presented.”

“I think the service has been very good. It has helped me to realise I can do things and now I have a way to deal with my mood.”

I found the course very helpful, with good materials and handouts provided. The facilitators were caring, approachable and informative.”


“Thank you, you really listened, even on the other end of the phone. It was really helpful and you were always calm and supportive.”

“I have found these sessions to be really helpful. I’ve got ideas and strategies for how to deal with my family situation more effectively and increased awareness of my unhelpful habits.”

“I have felt like I have learnt a lot about myself throughout my therapy sessions. I have always felt safe, listened to, and respected. I feel massively grateful for the help and support I have received, thank you.”

Page last reviewed: 30 March, 2023