Nail Care

Nails can be cut using nail scissors, nippers or clippers – whichever you find easiest to use.

Nails should be cut straight across and not too short. Cutting too short or into the corners can lead to painful in-growing toenails.

Loosen any rough skin at the edges with a soft nail or toothbrush then use a moisturising cream.

Finish off rough edges with a file.

It is common for nails to thicken as you grow older. Thickened nails can often be kept under control simply by filing them. You can use a foot-file, large nail-file or emery board.

Most nail care is a routine feature of personal hygiene, rather than a health problem. For this reason, the Podiatry Department does not offer a regular nail cutting service.

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Page last reviewed: 15 September, 2017