Keystone Mental Health & Wellbeing hubs provide early intervention for people who need mental health support.

People with mental health challenges will be enabled to access support when and where they need it, by the right people.

A multi-discipline team of professionals will help prevent relapse by providing recovery-focused interventions.

The hub is linked to local GP surgeries and NHS mental health services.

Read more about how we’ve making mental health care more accessible than ever in Oxfordshire.

Accessing the Hub

Your GP or primary care mental health practitioner may suggest the Hub. With your agreement, they will make a referral. This has your name and contact details on and a brief description of your concerns.

Initial contact (triage)

When we have received your referral we will contact you by phone to talk about your mental health and how you would like us to help you. Together we can decide the best plan for you.


The assessment will be face-to-face or on Microsoft Teams, depending on your choice. You can bring a friend or family member. You will be asked about different areas of your health and wellbeing, whether you have concerns in these areas and what help you would like. At the end of the assessment you will be supported to develop a Care Plan.

Care Planning

Your Care Plan is a document that shows what you told us, the support you need and goals we have set. Some of this support may be provided in the Hub and some by other organisations.

Measuring outcomes

To make sure the support offered is helpful, we ask you to measure some outcomes related to your mental health and wellbeing, goals or satisfaction with the support offered.

Support we can offer

Psychology-led groups Over 6-12 weeks using a variety of psychological approaches.
Recovery focused psychoeducation Groups for improving wellbeing, coping skills and self management.

Structured Psychological Support

May be offered if you experience emotional difficulties that affect your relationships or the way you feel about yourself. It involves 6-10 individual sessions, face-to-face, by phone or online.

Relapse Prevention

We will work with you, your family and friends to identify how you can help prevent your mental health from getting worse in the future.

Medication Management

We can help to assess side effects and get medication advice from a psychiatrist.

Peer Support from our peer supporters who have themselves use mental health services.

They understand what it is like to live with a mental health condition, and that this is just one part of your wellbeing. We work with Bi Polar UK who offer peer support and psychoeducation groups within.

Our partners Sport In Mind work to transforming the lives and mental health of children and adults through sport and physical activity.

Find activities near you on the Sport In Mind website

Our Voice is a service user and carer involvement forum for all adult and older adult mental health services across Oxfordshire. It has been running for over two years.

The forum is always co-chaired by what we call experts by experience, these are fellow service users and carers who are putting there experiences of using services into helping and constructively challenging the way that services are developed and run across Oxfordshire.

We meet monthly, experts by experience from Our Voice have now been actively involved in a number of projects from across Oxfordshire including the development and naming of Keystone Mental Health & Wellbeing Hubs and the suicide prevention strategy.

“Our Voice has given me so much confidence, I thought because of my mental health, other people thought that I was not going to do anything with my life. I was determined, but I just needed a chance to show my determination and skills. Being part of Our Voice has made me realise that having mental health has opened all of these new opportunities for me and I can use my experiences to help others.”

“I have been involved in multiple projects, our voice has given her the opportunity to connect with other people with lived experience, boost my skills and feel that the negative experiences from my mental health that I have faced could support and benefit others in future in a way that is positive. I am hugely grateful for the Our Voice opportunity and I have felt it has really benefitted my her own wellbeing.”

Our Voice is chaired by people with lived experience of mental health challenges

“It has been a good journey with Our Voice since I joined the group 8 months ago. I enjoyed attending the meetings every month as they are a great group and there was always something interesting to hear about. I was asked if I might be interested in co- chairing the meetings. I thought it would be a good experience. The staff team trained me up and I’ve co-chaired a couple of meetings now. I really enjoy facilitating the meetings and getting to know everyone more. It has helped build my confidence and to work with different people. “

How to take part

We meet online each month and usually about 10 to 20 people take part. Anyone who has uses or has used mental health services in Oxfordshire or is a carer of someone who uses our mental health services is welcome to join.


One of our experience and involvement leads, many of whom also have their own lived experience, will contact you.

Together we will work out how you could get involved and support you with this journey.

Keystone Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub Banbury
Unit 11a Castle Quay Shopping Centre
OX16 5UH

Phone: 01865 904872


Open Monday to Friday.

Seeing patients by appointment 9am to 5pm.

Available for the public to call in 10am to 2pm.

What to be referred to the hub?

Speak to your GP surgery to request a referral to the Keystone Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub Banbury.

Alternatively you can call in 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday, email or phone to find out more about how we can help.

Keystone Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub Blackbird Leys and East Oxford

Speak to your GP to request a referral to the Keystone Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub.

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Page last reviewed: 22 September, 2023