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Children’s Occupational Therapy – Oxfordshire

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps children and young people to achieve their full potential in their ability to play, learn and look after themselves. The aim is to improve a child’s level of independence and quality of life.

For children, this means playing, socialising and making the most of school, as well as being able to brush their own teeth or hold a pen.

We provide assessments and a range of therapeutic interventions for children who have a complex, severe or enduring physical and/or developmental condition that significantly affects their ability to achieve their potential during daily life.

Our therapists work in schools, nurseries, homes and hospitals.  Our aim is to enable each child to discover just how much they can do for themselves.

After an assessment, we offer children and their families advice and information, reports, joint working with their nursery or school, or possibly therapy intervention.

We often develop activity programmes for the home or an educational setting.  As a child’s confidence improves, so does their independence and their chance to lead a more fulfilling life.  Parents and carers will have full involvement during and after the assessment.

Please download community occupational therapy leaflets for the NorthCentral  or South Oxfordshire.

Health professionals, educational professionals, social and community services can all request our involvement, as can the parents/guardians of a child that we have previously provided services to.

Referring someone under five years

 You need to complete three forms and email them back to the right address:

Referring a child older than five

  Please complete a referral form for children over 5 and send to the relevant area admin office (address for each area on the form). 

School referrals

Before making a referral, please make sure that you have followed the guidance in our:

for a minimum of 12 weeks before a referral.

If a referral is then required, please send us the following documentation as part of the referral:

Referrals from other sources for over 5s/those with neurological conditions

If a child has a neurological condition please complete the referral form referral form, OT consent form and the parent questionnaire (NorthCentral, South).

If the child/young person does not have a neurological condition, please see the strategies and resources (tab above) on our website.

Schools should see advice above for school based difficulties (such as handwriting), including following advice given our education referral pack consistently for a minimum of 12 weeks prior to referral.

If there is no progress and a referral is needed, please return the referral form, OT consent form, parent questionnaire (North, CentralSouth ) and teacher questionnaire (Central, North, South).

All forms as stated above must be included in the referral for it to be processed. Incomplete referrals will be returned.

We screened and prioritise requests in accordance with our service criteria and policies.

All of the above forms must be returned at point of referral otherwise the referral will be returned without being processed.

Please note:  GPs should access LMC approved proformas via OCCG.

Please also see our activity sheets (tab above), which cover fine motor development, pre-writing and handwriting, self-care skills, body awareness and midline, general strategies, and visual perceptual skills.

Fine Motor Development

Under 5s



Pre-writing and handwriting

Self-Care Skills

Body Awareness and Midline

General Strategies/Information

Visual Perceptual Skills

Co-ordination difficulties

Sensory Strategies

There is currently no proven evidence to support sensory interventions at this time.  There is however anecdotal support that strategies may be useful for some children.  Please see below some general strategies to try:

North Oxfordshire:

Orchard Health Centre, Cope Road, Banbury, OX16 2EZ

01865 904435

Central Oxfordshire:

Cornwallis House, Cornwallis Road, Oxford, OX4 3NH

01865 904464

South Oxfordshire:

Abingdon Hospital, Marcham Road, Abingdon, OX14 1AG

01865 904 114

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Last updated: 17 October, 2018

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