Your assessment

When will your assessment be?

This will vary, depending if you have been referred for a diagnostic assessment, or if you have been referred for treatment for a neurodevelopmental condition or issue associated to one.

The waiting list for a diagnostic assessment

There is currently a significant wait for an appointment within the NDC Service due to very high demands.

If you or your young person require support whilst waiting for an appointment with us, this may be offered through other CAMHS teams or outside agencies. You do not need to wait for our assessment for support to be put in place – please refer to our advice section for further information.

The assessment

First appointments are sometimes called assessments. The face to face assessment involves meeting with the child or young person and the family to discuss their views. There are usually two clinicians involved. Parents will complete a detailed developmental history with one of our clinicians, whilst a different clinician observes and completes activities with the child or young person.

Information for children and young people

We know that coming to a new place can sometimes be difficult, but we are here to help.

If you are coming for an NDC appointment, this usually means that we are looking for traits of Autism (a different way of seeing the world), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (difficulty sitting still and concentrating) and possibly Tics and Tourette’s (noises or movements that you cannot control).

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Page last reviewed: 2 May, 2024