Personality disorders

Who is involved in our studies?

Personality is a way of describing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. There can be changes to these depending on the situation, environment, or the people we are with.

Personality disorder refers to having difficulties in how you may interact with yourself and other people, struggling to cope most days to a level where it has a large impact on your life. These difficulties are not caused by a medical condition substance and often start in childhood or adolescence.

There are several different personality disorders, they include but not limited to.

Emotional Personality Disorder

Paranoid Personality Disorder

Dependent Personality Disorder

In Oxford Health, researchers are interested in learning more about the causes of personality disorders in aim of developing better treatments. Researchers are also interested in learning more about how we may be able to prevent or to treat through early identification.

Current research

We have a verity of different studies.  Some involve a questionnaires, some involve a therapy and some involve taking a medication.  Some  take place in our research clinics, in a clinical team base or sometimes they can take place in your home.

  We are sometimes able to contact people directly about research, or get referrals from clinical teams. We are always appreciate hearing from people who are interested in getting involved.

Current Studies

SPS (Structured Psychological Support)- Objective: To determine whether SPS is an effective intervention for those who have complex emotional needs.

Key contacts

There are many opportunities to become involved in research at Oxford Health if you experience a personality disorder. If you are interested in taking part, please contact us on: for further information on our current research opportunities.

Previous research studies

Previous studies
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