You do not have to travel to a clinic to get treatment from Buckinghamshire Talking Therapies. Many of our services can be accessed via the internet.

Joining your digital consultation or course/group session using a Smart phone or tablet device? You will need to download the Microsoft Teams app beforehand. Below are some guides to assist you when downloading the app.

Non-urgent advice: Getting ready

Before joining your digital consultation or course/group session please ensure the following:

  • That you are in a confidential space where your video and audio cannot be seen or heard by others around you to protect your confidentiality and others’ if you are attending a course/group session
  • That you have completed your Outcome Questionnaires via the Web portal – please contact Bucks Talking Therapies or your Clinician if you do not have a log in for this. If you are unsure how to use it please see the Patient Guide to using Web Portal.
  • That you have watched the videos below if needed
  • That you have a phone available in the event of any technical problems

An overview of NHS video consultations

Installing MS Teams on an Apple device

Installing MS Teams on an Android device

Page last reviewed: 17 August, 2023